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Can't Talk | August 12, 2020

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Self Care

Articles on all kinds of self care

Word of the Year 2016

January 1, 2016 |

This is my third new year as part of Can’t Talk, and I am happy and proud that I can write yet another word of the year post for our little media world. In 2015, my word was OUTREACH, and, … Read More

Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 124: Licking Business Cards

November 30, 2015 |

Download this episode (right click and save) On this episode of the Can’t Talk Podcast, we record live and discuss possible unpleasant holiday scenarios. Do you have racist relatives? Does someone you know comment on your eating? We have … Read More


October 30, 2015 |

After reading this article, written by someone who committed a sexual assault, I got to thinking. We do not teach kids about consent, not really. Because we don’t talk much about emotion, empathy, and human connection in school (and certainly … Read More

Just Say No: Boundaries and You

October 11, 2015 |

Please welcome back guest writer Kelly for a great article on setting boundaries on social media and in your life.

Taking steps to maintain and improve your mental health isn’t just for those who suffer from mental illness. Every single … Read More

Thoughts on “Rising Strong”

October 7, 2015 |

A disclaimer: I can’t give a truly unbiased review of Dr. Brown’s work because I am committed to and trained in The Daring Way™ work that grew from her books and is now being used all over the country by … Read More

Beyond 101: Best Conflict Management Tool

October 2, 2015 |

This article is part of a series on going deeper into mental health and wellness.

I am going to share one of the best things I have ever learned for dealing with conflict with you, our Can’t Talk readers.


Read More

Fitness: Not a Moral Imperative

May 22, 2015 |

There is a weird transformation that happens when someone works hard on something like getting fit. Many of them seem to morph from the normal, chill people we once knew into know-it-all, self-important douchebags. I understand it can be hard to hold back from … Read More

My Fitness Journey

May 20, 2015 |

Welcome back guest writer Andrew, who joins us on Fitness Week with a wonderful piece on his personal fitness journey.

I have been an active person all my life. I used to walk almost everywhere, and if it was more … Read More

Making Exercise About Me

May 19, 2015 |

Welcome back guest writer Nat, bringing us a fabulous piece on the personal aspects of fitness for Fitness Week.

One of the most painful things I’ve dealt with all my life is the notion impressed upon me by society that physically … Read More

How To: Cope With A Panic Attack

May 1, 2015 | | 4 Comments

As a life-long anxious mind, I have had my share of panic. I don’t usually have “full blown panic attacks,” but there are many times when I’m in anxiety and not responding to the world like my regular self.

I’ll … Read More