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Can't Talk | September 25, 2020

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News and reviews of mobile media

[Sponsored Content] BattleKasters Day Four at PAX Prime

August 31, 2015 |

Here’s the last “BattleKasters” recap of PAX Prime 2015. (Miss Melissa and Bell before they hit their stride? Day one. Day two. Day three.)

To review: “BattleKasters” is a location-based game you play on your phone. It allows you to … Read More

(Sponsored Content) BattleKasters Day Three at PAX Prime

August 30, 2015 |

Another day of PAX Prime 2015 is over, and that means another wrap of Bell and Melissa showing us all how to play “BattleKasters.” (I think they’re getting the hang of it!)

To review: “BattleKasters” is a mobile, location-based game … Read More

[Sponsored Content] BattleKasters Day Two at PAX Prime

August 29, 2015 |

On the second day of PAX Prime, Bell and Melissa are going strong closing portals in “BattleKasters.” (Miss the first day’s wrap-up? We’ve got you covered.)

A quick recap: “BattleKasters” is a mobile, location-based game where users close portals and … Read More

[Sponsored Content] BattleKasters Day One at PAX Prime

August 28, 2015 |

Ness, with the Can’t Talk home team, here with a wrap up of the first day of PAX Prime “BattleKasters” goodness. I hope everyone out there in Seattle is having a good time—and that those of us at BoringCon are … Read More

Heads Up! Purrfectly Ever After

July 22, 2015 |

If you like dating sims then you know that North American releases are few and far between when it comes to otome games. Today you’re in luck! In case you missed it, there’s a fully funded otome game called “Purrfectly … Read More

Travel Games

April 17, 2015 |

I am doing a lot of traveling this year, so I did some research and came up with several games I could play while flying across the country. Here are my favorites so far (all available on Google Play for … Read More

Review: Zombies, Run! 5K Training

September 8, 2014 |

Friend of the podcast Ness joins us to review Zombies, Run! 

The premise for Naomi Alderman and Six to Start’s 5K training app is pretty simple.

The U.K.-based developer combines its popular story-based running game, Zombies, Run!, with a 5K training … Read More

On Fitocracy

September 5, 2014 |

Since I’m the weightlifter in the Can’t Talk family, Bell asked me to review Fitocracy for the E-Fitness Experiment. Fitocracy is a fitness website and application available for iStuff and Android stuff.

What drew me to Fitocracy was the game aspect. It’s not … Read More

Review: Blackbar

August 6, 2014 |

Fair warning here: I’m not even going to try to avoid spoilers. If you have any desire to play this game, stop reading now, because I’m going to spoil the hell out of it.


Blackbar is a story-based puzzle game … Read More

Review: Munin

July 11, 2014 |

Recently I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the game Munin to review. Munin is a platformer from Gojira available now on Steam.

Munin (sometimes spelled Muninn) in mythology is one of the Norse god Odin’s two pet ravens. Munin … Read More