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Can't Talk | September 23, 2020

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Geek Culture

News, critique and general talk about the broad topic of geek culture.

Things to Watch: “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny”

July 26, 2017 |

One of the things I was excited about coming out of Star Wars Celebration this year, other than “The Last Jedi” trailer was the announcement of the web series “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.” New “Star Wars” stories are always … Read More

The Crafting System 25: A Mako T-Shirt For Your Heart

November 8, 2016 |

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Ness and Eris talk pens and N7 Day!

Eris has serious opinions about pens and paper

  • The Pilot Metropolitan that Ness likes so much is a good example … Read More

The Crafting System Episode 24: 100 Percent a Little Shit

October 25, 2016 |

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(Alternate but ultimately too long title: Look Around At How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now [In Space].)

Ness and Eris talk to fan fic writer and all around … Read More

The Crafting System Episode 15: Fandom Is Not A Monolith

June 20, 2016 |

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This time, Ness and Eris talk about fan entitlement, false equivalency, and punching down. Ness is really mad, you guys.

Before that, though, they talk about some cool stuff:

The Crafting System Episode 12: Be the Merch You Want to See in the World

May 3, 2016 |

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On this episode, Ness and Eris have a great time trying to stay on topic with Becca of The Evergreen Burrow. (She’s also on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and newly on Twitter, so say … Read More

Why I Hate Being Carried

February 10, 2016 |

Do you play “Diablo 3”? Oh man, you should play “Diablo 3.” It is the purest action/reward cycle you can get on console or PC, and the loot—which is The Point—ranges from badass to goddamned hilarious. Blizzard just kicked off … Read More

Love Letter to Lana

January 21, 2016 |

Dearest Lana,

I remember the first time I saw you almost two years ago. I hadn’t been playing much SWTOR when we met in the months leading up to the “Shadow of Revan” release. I’d been a bit disappointed with … Read More


January 11, 2016 | | 3 Comments

To be honest, I’m not cool enough or musically intelligent enough to memorialize the weirdest, best musician recently lost to us. This is the best I can do.

“Labyrinth” came out in 1986, so that means I was 8 years … Read More

Interview with a Scalzi

December 30, 2015 |

So, I got to talk to author John Scalzi at Quail Ridge Books & Music in Raleigh, North Carolina, in August during his book tour for “The End of All Things.” Minor spoilers ahead for some of the happenings throughout … Read More

The Color Game

July 23, 2015 |

In another installment of this week’s “what the hell, comics” articles, Justin wonders: It’s always gotta be the right person for the job. Haven’t we moved past that now?

Earlier this year, Marvel announced their plans to merge their 616 … Read More