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Can't Talk | October 1, 2020

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Andrew is a staff writer at Can’t Talk Media. You can find his bio under “About Us”.

The Generational Effects of Star Wars and Why They Are Important

June 16, 2015 | | 6 Comments

I’ve been trying to find the words for this since I saw the second teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens live from the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim. I couldn’t even form them in time for May the Fourth. … Read More

Good News, Everyone!

June 10, 2015 |

We are growing ever larger and more Hydra-like* here at Can’t Talk Media.

Please give a warm welcome to our newest Staff Writer, Andrew!

Here’s his bio:

A former soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces, I am also an avid … Read More

Mad Max: Furiosa Road

June 2, 2015 |

Welcome back guest writer Andrew with another great review of Mad Max: Fury Road!

I need to start by saying that I had absolutely NO intention of seeing this movie at all; every promotional poster and theatrical or teaser trailer … Read More

My Fitness Journey

May 20, 2015 |

Welcome back guest writer Andrew, who joins us on Fitness Week with a wonderful piece on his personal fitness journey.

I have been an active person all my life. I used to walk almost everywhere, and if it was more … Read More

Timed Exclusives: Why They Aren’t Killing Games

April 29, 2015 | | One Comment

Welcome back intrepid guest author Andrew for a bit of a rant on internet negativity!

I’m generally a very positive person online, I like to consider myself reasonable and open to different points of view. I tend to tweet, post, … Read More

The Divergent Series: Insurgent

March 28, 2015 | | 2 Comments

Welcome back guest writer Andrew for his review of Insurgent. Mild spoilers follow.

I want to begin this review by letting you know that I haven’t read the Divergent book trilogy, and I wasn’t a fan of the first movie., … Read More

Does This Unit Have A Soul? A Review of Chappie

March 15, 2015 |

Please welcome back Can’t Talk guest writer Andrew Baker, who has some pretty strong feelings about Chappie.

I quite literally stepped out of the movie theater and started writing this review on my phone because I felt that I couldn’t … Read More

How To: A Beginner’s Guide To Comic Books

February 3, 2015 |

Please welcome guest writer Andrew Baker! He has written a brilliant, comprehensive article for our “How To” series on getting started with comic books. Enjoy!

Getting into comic books can seem daunting. With many of the most popular franchises have … Read More