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Can't Talk | September 22, 2020

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No For Real Though

August 4, 2018 |

This article is about death and dying.

How does a person begin to function in a day to day way with the knowledge that they are going to die?

I mean. We are all going to. We all have this … Read More

Tracking My Year In Reading

February 20, 2018 |

Do y’all track your reading? 2017 was the first year I started tracking my reading beyond what Goodreads offers. The main way I do this is with a Google spreadsheet (I used this one from Book Riot as the base, … Read More

Nat Breaks Up With The X-Files. For Good This Time.

February 7, 2018 |

Spoilers ahead and a trigger warning for rape.

I said I would not watch the latest season of “The X-Files.” After last year’s convoluted alien conspiracy theory bullshit, I told myself I was done with Chris Carter’s shitty monologues and … Read More

“We are what they grow beyond”: Some Thoughts on The Last Jedi

January 11, 2018 |


I’ve had a lot of thoughts buzzing around in my head since I saw “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Trying to distill them enough to write about has been tough, … Read More

Closing Patreon

November 17, 2017 |

Hello to all our amazing patrons!

We cannot begin to thank you for all the support you have given us for the last couple years. In fact, we have been able to save up enough money to keep funding the … Read More

News Flash: Immigrants Are People, Too

September 6, 2017 |

Last month was the one-year anniversary of my naturalization ceremony, but instead of celebrating I’ve found myself overcome by a mess of complicated emotions. I may be an official citizen of the United States now, but I will always be … Read More

Nat Recommends: Black Magick

August 30, 2017 |

One thing I really like about comics is that they’re about so much more than just superheroes and their trials. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a good superhero tale, but sometimes it’s nice to check out other stories—say, a … Read More

Things to Watch: “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny”

July 26, 2017 |

One of the things I was excited about coming out of Star Wars Celebration this year, other than “The Last Jedi” trailer was the announcement of the web series “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.” New “Star Wars” stories are always … Read More

Nat’s Bad at Self Care…But Keeps Trying Anyway

May 6, 2017 |

Self care, while important and helpful to my physical and mental well-being, is not something that comes easily to me. Fortunately, as I find myself frequently reminding myself, self care isn’t a one-time win or lose activity. I don’t have … Read More

A Reflection on Alien Banging

March 30, 2017 |

As I am writing about space on the eve of the release of “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” it’s only appropriate that I talk about the thing nearest and dearest to the collective hearts of many Mass Effect fans: banging aliens. “Star … Read More