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Can't Talk | September 22, 2020

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About Us

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    About Can’t Talk Media

    Can’t Talk Media originated with two friends talking about the things they liked. Can’t talk, playing a video game! Can’t talk, reading a book! However, as we started talking, we discovered that there are a lot of subjects that we’re not saying enough about. Things like mental health (both the self care and the not-so-great, in the moment aspects). Things like feminism, body politics, racism, homophobia, and other realities of geek culture. Things like being a geek in a culture where geeks are somehow both popular and still ridiculed. In short, things got REAL. So here’s us, talking about real things. And also video games. And butts.

    The mission of Can’t Talk Media is to promote inclusiveness in the geek and gaming community for all people regardless of race, gender identity, sexual identity, mental health status or any other factor. We want to create a safe space for our readers, where they can satisfy their interests without fear of confronting homophobia, sexism, racism or other intolerance or cruelty. Please join us in our mission, and help us talk more about these things.

    To that end, we will police our comments aggressively and without remorse. Conflicting opinions are welcome, being a dick is not.





    Bell, Executive Editor

    I’m a gamer and writer with a lot of opinions and a vocabulary that would make a pirate blush. I love dark beer, dumb jokes, good books, and bad fanfiction.

    I live in the American Southwest with my husband, two children, a dog that won’t stay out of the trash can and a cat that likes to sleep on my head.

    If you’re looking for me on Twitter you can find me @desert_bell.

    You can check out Bell’s work here.





    Amelia, Executive Editor

    I am writer, crafter, gamer, geek, queer, sex positive, fat positive, all around no-bullshit artist. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I bring expertise and over ten years of real world experience to our writings on mental health and wellness. As an opinionated person, I bring a lifetime of geekdom and outrage to the rest of our content, anything from pop culture to tabletop gaming to that book I’m reading right now. All my crazy projects are found at When not here, I’m found most often on Twitter @deserthooker. Bell is my platonic life partner and all around best friend in all of time and space. Together we form Captain Planet. No wait. I mean Can’t Talk Media.

    You can check out Amelia’s work here.





    Ness, Editor and Contributor

    I’m a newspaper editor too stubborn to leave the newsroom. I enjoy how weird this has made my Google searches.  I read lots of books — though the Pancake Sex Book Club has completely trashed my Amazon recommendations. I love good beer, better bourbon, video games, podcasts, cosplaying obscure characters, and the Oxford comma. Bell is my rivalmance. Trolling is my love language. I live on Twitter: @paperbytheton.

    You can check out Ness’s work here.





    Andrew, Staff Writer

    A former soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces, I am also an avid gamer, nerd, and huge BioWare fan. Semi-retired, much of my free time is spent with movies, Netflix, and trying to make sense of adulthood and full time single parenting.

    You can check out Andrew’s work here.






    Eris, Staff Writer and Co-host, “The Crafting System”

    Eris Esquire is a practicing attorney in the New York Metro Area and uses her free time to do even more law related stuff analyzing the cases and statutes trying to make sense of this new fangled contraption the kids call “The Internet.” You can find more of this stuff on her blog Law Levels Up.

    You can check out Eris’s work here.


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    Kayte, Co-Host, “On Pins and Needles”

    I love beaches, yarn, kitties, theater, astronomy, British TV shows, and making out. There aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I want to try, people I want to connect with, and peace I want to cultivate. I am sometimes brave, sometimes not. Sometimes a nap is the best thing. I have a lot of “favorites.” All of them make me smile. Find me on Twitter @pixykayte or on Ravelry as PixyKayte.

    You can find Kayte’s work here.





    Kirstin, Staff Writer & Twitch Streamer

    I’m Kirstin, aka Beerstin! I stream 3-4 times a week over at Occasionally I write things. Most of the time I’d rather be in Thedas, but in this world you can find me on twitter (@kirstincarnage) for a plethora of sarcasm and cat pictures.

    You can find Kirstin’s work here.




    Melissa, Content Creator

    I’m an eclectic spirit of the Great White North with far too many interests and not enough time. My gaming hobby set me onto the path of blogging, podcasting and a diverse network of friends. I have a degree in Sociology, a field of study where the graduates are dubbed Defenders of Perversion, so I’d like to think that I have a lot of unconventional ideas about life and disagree with the status quo. I prefer a bit of science fiction and fantasy in my consumable media, however I also enjoy a few period pieces here and there. My dogs and my cat are like my children. I like cute things and neat gadgets. Nature is nice. You can always find me on Twitter @thequadskater. Always.

    You can check out Melissa’s work here.





    Nat, Staff Writer

    I’m a gamer, comic book lover, and general dork residing in Northern California–I will shamelessly fangirl about Batwoman and Star Wars, notably the Old Republic MMO, at the drop of a hat. I game on console(s) and PC, and I still like consoles better because shit seems to break less. I tweet, for better or worse, over at @stumpynat.

    You can check out Nat’s work here.



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    Rosie, Staff Writer & Co-host, “On Pins and Needles”

    I’m a seamstress, knitter, crafter, writer, fat momma with a loud mouth and a big heart. I have an MA in English and for some reason I use that as license to be opinionated as fuck, though I *will* listen to any POV, if it’s presented respectfully; I love learning and I love talking about learning. I live in the desert (reluctantly) with my fantastic husband (who loves me no matter what I say), my amazing daughter (who struggles with mental illness and is an absolute champion), and our adorable little rescue dog (who is blind and farts a lot).  If the gods smile on me, my Etsy shop will continue to be my livelihood. When I’m not sewing, even  when I should be, I’m usually on Twitter @Aimee_AKA_Rosie (because I took super hero secret identity hiding lessons from Superman. Also, sometimes I’m not as clever as I like to think I am.)

    You can check out Rosie’s work here.



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    Vianey, Staff Writer & Social Media

    By day, this Mexican-born feminist works in fundraising for a nonprofit healthcare organization. By night, she cries about elves and Hamilton. Vianey enjoys talking about social theory, bad puns, good fanfiction, and being emotionally compromised by BioWare. You can find her on Twitter: @VeeAhKnee.

    You can check out Vianey’s work here.





    Can’t Talk Podcast

    A weekly podcast about all the stuff we want to talk about: Dragon Age, feminism, mental health, butts, and more. Hosted by Amelia and Bell, with many fantastic guests.



    On Pins and Needles

    A podcast about crafty thoughts and creative ventures, hosted by Kayte, Rosie and Amelia. All the crafty things we want to talk about!



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    The Crafting System

    A twice-monthly podcast about the art and craft of fandom. Hosted by Ness and Eris, The Crafting System features many awesome guests.

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    Can’t Talk Media has a number of excellent guest writers who contribute regularly to our site. Click to find their individual archives and bios. Interested in writing for us? Check out our submission guidelines.