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Can't Talk | August 5, 2020

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Hobbies Lost and Gained

Hobbies Lost and Gained

Hobbies are something that, of late, I haven’t had a whole lot of time for; many of my hobbies I’ve completely dropped because I just can’t commit the time any more. This is a shame, because many of my hobbies involved other people and were very beneficial to keeping me social.

It’s hard for me to talk about my hobbies and not feel a little sad about what I’ve lost. Gone are Thursday night dodgeball and Sunday night “Dungeons and Dragons.” These are things that I genuinely miss. But since I never know when I’ll be home, if I’ll have the energy to participate, or if I’ll be able to keep up regular attendance, makes it impossible to commit to them. So, I’ve started some new hobbies that aren’t entirely social to fill the gap.

Being on the road as much as I am, I can only listen to so much music so I’ve added many more podcasts to my lineup. “Can’t Talk Podcast” is obviously a favourite of mine, but it’s only once a week so I’ve found some others that are related to my hobbies and interests.

A favourite of mine has been “How Did This Get Made?” It is a perfect fit, really. I started with Can’t Talk Media writing movie reviews, and this podcast goes into movies that we just can’t believe actually got made. Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas watch a movie each week or two and then discuss how awful it was. This discussion is done in a critical way, of course; they aren’t just punching down on the film. They even have mini episodes where they often have a brief interview with people involved in making the movie, usually a writer or director, and sometimes they actually get good explanations for how the movie was made.

Also a favorite is “Anna Faris is Unqualified,” where the actress invites celebrities to guest on the show. She does a little Q&A with them and then calls listeners who have questions. Anna and the guests proceed to give them often very unqualified advice. It is heartwarming and funny and something I listen to when I’ve had a rough day or I’m on my way home and need a laugh.

The only other thing I do that may be considered a hobby is playing video games. I have enjoyed playing video games for as long as I can remember, although for the longest time I had to go to a friend’s house to play. I started with Atari 2600 (I even played that evil E.T. game) to the NES and Sega Master System and on from there until I finally had a computer in the house. Then it was all RPGs, all the time.

I finally got into other games as I grew older and could afford to buy my own consoles. PC gaming was just too expensive when all you had was a paper route. Now, though, to augment my gaming experience I sometimes stream for Can’t Talk Media as well. I am currently trying to finish my final playthrough of the “Mass Effect” trilogy before “Andromeda” is released. I enjoy streaming more than I ever thought I would, especially considering that when I first heard about it I wondered why anyone would sit and watch someone play video games online when they could be playing themselves. Then, as I streamed for the first time two years ago with Can’t Talk Media for our Extra Life campaign, I remembered the countless hours I would spend with my friends watching them play as we waited for our turns with the controller.

Fundamentally, hobbies are an important part of a well-balanced life. If you can’t do what you used to do, it’s OK to start fresh and try something new! I’ll see you on Twitch.

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