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Can't Talk | August 5, 2020

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Ipsy November Unboxing: Rock Starlet

Ipsy November Unboxing: Rock Starlet
Kirstin Carnage

This month, I needed something to feel good about, no matter how small. This bag was so perfect that I call it my “unicorn” bag. I loved everything in it, and it brought a smile to my face during the month that will go down in history books as “Nov 2016: What the Actual Fuck?” (Probably.)



First, let’s talk about the bag itself. I love space, and if you’ve read any of my Ipsy articles you know I love makeup, too. This bag puts cosmetics into constellations, and was available in blue with silver or gold stars. (Mine was obviously silver.)




I had never heard of BH Cosmetics before this bag, but I really like their “Foil Eyes To Go” palette. I really appreciated the versatility that they fit into such a small palette. If I’m feeling adventurous I can use the blue and orange, and if I want to be a bit more subtle, there are gorgeous neutrals. The colors are very concentrated and have just a hint of shimmer, which makes me feel festive this time of year. I recommend using these colors with a primer to make sure that they last.




Too Faced is notorious for their eye-catching packaging and names that make you look twice, but the name of this “Better Than Sex” mascara had me rolling my eyes. Granted, because of the products I got in my bag this month my eyes looked fabulous, but they were rolling. The package boasts “1944% more volume” which is a weird number, but the hourglass-shaped wand did seem to cling to my lashes and the formula required no more than one coat for longer, dramatic lashes. I don’t usually wear mascara but I really love this one.




Before I rolled my eyes at the previous product’s ridiculous name, I lined them with this EYEKO “Skinny Liquid Eyeliner deluxe in Black.” I talk about eyeliners a lot because black eyeliner is one of my mandatory products, even on my “no makeup” days, and I’m very particular about the products I use. This liner pen has a super skinny tip which makes winging super easy, even if you’re heavy-handed like I am. The formula goes on over eye shadow with no problem and most importantly, it stays. Even when I tried to wipe it off  because I made a mistake, it wouldn’t budge. This is by far the best eyeliner I’ve received in ages.




I am super picky with red lipstick because I’m pale with pink undertones, and certain shades of red can be really unflattering. When I find a red I love I tend to stay loyal until it’s discontinued. Absolute New York send me this Matte Stick in NFA52 “Dark Red” lipstick, and I am in love. The color is gorgeous, and I don’t need a lip liner when I wear it because it’s a matte with staying power. It doesn’t dry out like a lot of long-lasting lipsticks do, but if you’re concerned or prone to dry lips, I recommend just a hint of a clear balm over it.




Finally, I received a product with a more interesting name than “Better Than Sex.” (Sorry, Too Faced, you’re never gonna live that down.) Verb sent me “Ghost Oil” for my hair. As far as I know, no ghosts were harmed in the making of this product. I’ve said it a million times before, but thanks to my Sicilian genes, my hair is massive when there’s a slight hint of humidity, and very prone to frizz. This oil helped me smooth my hair without looking oily or greasy. It smells light, with a hint of citrus, and a little goes a long way. I don’t use product in my hair often, but I will definitely use this oil.

I hope your bags were as awesome as mine was this month!

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