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Can't Talk | October 26, 2020

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Ipsy October Unboxing: Black Magic

Ipsy October Unboxing: Black Magic
Kirstin Carnage



I love Halloween. It’s my all-time favorite holiday, and I love the makeup trends that generally come in with the changing seasons. That being said, despite the ultra-cute bag they came with, my products this month aren’t quite in the spirit of the holiday, and though they were nifty, I would have appreciated everything being a bit more on theme.

I usually hate liquid foundation. I think it’s heavy and generally miserable to wear, and I like for my skin to be able to breathe. This foundation by MAKE UP FOR EVER, however, was a nice surprise. I received it in shade #R230 (Ivory), and it was closer to my skin color than I expected. As an added bonus, it’s super lightweight and soft, which meant it didn’t suck to wear. This is one of those rare products that, when the sample size runs out, I will probably purchase.



In my August unboxing, I joked that I buy too much black eyeliner. The Ipsy authority decided to cut me a break and sent me this “Vivid Gunmetal” Vivid Brights Liner by NYX Professional Makeup. It seemed a little adventurous for me, and I was kind of intimidated at first. I wear a lot of neon eye makeup but this is a new experience for me. It goes on smoothly and the formula did not budge. The brush is great and makes it easy for sharp, clean lines. I like it both as an accent liner and on its own, and learned a few new looks for my makeup rotation. I’m calling this one a win.



This brush by Lottie London (Perfectly Precise Eyeshadow Brush) is nothing special to me. I have a lot of brushes already, so I was underwhelmed when I pulled this out of my bag. I will say that it’s cute (I love pink) and the bristles are soft and good for definition, so it might make its way into my makeup bag after all.



I really wanted to love this lip color. On the outside, this “Belize Bordeaux” lip crayon by tre’StiQue looked like it was going to be perfect for me. It’s dark—a perfect shade for autumn— and I love this brand. However, as you can see in the picture, it applies a much lighter, almost magenta color. It was still pretty, but not what I was hoping for. The best way I found to use this is to layer it over my favorite Tarte lip stain; the combination of the two products is closer to what I’d hoped for from this color on its own.



Another lip product in this box was a “Daily Lip Nourisher with mango and shea butters” by pūr~lisse that I am super in love with. It has a light, citrus scent, and it moisturizes without being too heavy or glossy like some lip balms I’ve tried in the past. It made my lips feel really soft, and I didn’t get that sticky feeling I get sometimes with lip products. I am always thrilled to see a pūr~lisse product in my bags; they are usually great and this was no exception.


Did you guys get cooler, more Halloween-y stuff in your bags? I want to hear about it!

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