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Can't Talk | August 9, 2020

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All Tied Up for October 29, 2016

All Tied Up for October 29, 2016
Can't Talk Staff

Happy Halloween from all of the staff at Can’t Talk Media! This weekend we’re all tied up with books and video games. Finally, proof that we do more than just read.



I just picked up “The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making” by Catherynne M. Valente, so I’ll be digging into that this week. I’ll also probably rewatch the PBS Hamildoc and play a little more “Dragon Age 2.”



I’ve got 99 problems this weekend, and they are mostly snail related. These little shits hitchhiked into my fish tank on some plants. Now they are goddamned everywhere and making a mess. This weekend I am picking up some professionals to deal things. This weekend I’m on the hunt for Assassin Snails.

Oh and I’m going to listen to a bunch more of the “Uprooted” audio book, because it’s great so far. I’m also calling shenanigans on the fact that Ness finished it in like a day and a half. How the shit does she warp time like this? It’s a 17 hour long book.



I can’t talk this weekend because I’m going to be getting a tattoo! (Pics to come later.) Also, I will be busy for a really long time because the “Skyrim” remaster is out, and I’m going to lose thousands of hours as the Dragonborn.



I plan on playing some “Stardew Valley” with the new updates this weekend, because 80 hours of Stardew Valley is not nearly enough to have played. I’m not sure who I want to romance this time, but I’m definitely moving my barn. I also have a Halloween party I’m attending with my partners, and I’ve decided we’re going as H2O. I’ll be the O.

I’m listening to “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” from the library, and will start reading my next book for my book club group, “Three Cups of Tea.” And speaking of tea, I’ll be getting my next round of kombucha ready to go. Homemade kombucha is my new endeavor and it’s going great!



This week I’m playing the “Battle Chef Brigade” beta that’s out for some backers of the game. I’m also horribly wrecked after watching the season premier of The Walking Dead. It was so much worse than the red wedding. I’m slowly progressing through “The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet.”

I’m also celebrating a major promotion at work that will hopefully mean more free time on evenings and weekends.

The highlight of my week was receiving the Fall Pusheen Box, which is full of useful but hella-cute items.



Howdy, weekend! I love you! I have Friday off work (yay!) and camping plans with my cute husband and a bunch of friends. A camping wedding— It’s gonna be super awesome! (I should probably save some exclamation points for other people…)

Monday I’m heading to Portland, which means snuggles with my kiddo in the evenings. (MORE YAY!) I don’t actually know what else is happening in the coming week. Surely it will be awesome though. (Yay!)

This article was corrected on 10/29/2016 to reflect the following changes: minor grammar and punctuation edits.
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