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Can't Talk | September 25, 2020

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All Tied Up for October 14, 2016

All Tied Up for October 14, 2016
Can't Talk Staff


I believe the upcoming week is going to be filled with self-care. I’m struggling with the seasonal moods that seem to descend with the falling leaves of autumn.

I just finished reading “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. I’m working hard with some emotions around that right now, so I’m treating myself to some Brene Brown as a palliative remedy. I’m also wrestling with the notion that I’ve abandoned my hardest project; that I’ve handed it off to someone else to finish for me. When it’s finished, am I still allowed to claim it as mine? If the project is actually a person, could I ever really claim her as mine to begin with? And for that matter, is it (she) ever really finished? All these fucking emotions really get in the way of life.

I walked my first 5K last weekend, and it looks like I won’t be work-traveling again until the end of the month; those are my good things for last week.
I’m all tied up in feelings and sewing threads and leaves and airline reservations and fingering-weight yarns.  And feelings.



As we all know, I’m a successful young professional, so it’s only natural that my weekend plans be glamorous—which is to say, I’ll be doing some gardening and maintenance in my 29 gallon fish tank while “The Blind Assassin” by Margaret Atwood plays on my phone.



This week I abruptly finished “The Phoenix Descent” by Chuck Grossart. I say “abruptly”, because that’s how the story ended. Now I’m listening to “The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet” by Becky Chambers. I binged a season of “The Mindy Project” and started watching “Luke Cage,” and I continue to love “Penny Dreadful” as I enter season 2. I’ve also started playing “League of Legends” again.



This week, I’ve made my way through the first four of Mary Robinette Kowal’s Glamourist Histories, which have been delightful—and I’m upset there are only five. I’ve also got a reread of “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood on deck for Pancake Sex Book Club. Finally, I’m running through “Dragon Age 2” again for the first time since “Dragon Age: Inquisition” came out. Good stuff. (It’s awesome. Fight me.)



I’m at the beach for another wedding this weekend, and it’s great because the summer crowds are gone. Work has been very exhausting this week, so I haven’t been doing a lot—except for playing “Mystic Messenger.” (I blame Bell and Kirstin for getting me caught up in the madness.)



Since I’ve been driving up to 13 hours a day, I’ve been upping my podcast game. “Alice Isn’t Dead,”Anna Faris Is Unqualified,” “Legion of Leia,” and “Invisibilia” are just a few that I’ve been enjoying. I would love some of your recommendations, as well. 

I’ve also picked up some books for the copious amounts of down–time that I get. The first three “Expanse” novels by James S. A. Corey are amazing near–future science fiction novels. I also picked up Patrick Weekes “Rogues of the Republic” trilogy, “The Palace Job,” “The Prophecy Con,” and “The Paladin Caper,” because he hasn’t broken my soul nearly enough yet. I’m halfway through the first novel, and I can confirm that he has once again created memorable characters that you’ll love and care about—which means they’ll likely die in horrible ways or betray us—within a fun story that’s full of humor.

Bell (who is doing a terrible job of transitioning to using her real name on the internet)


I’ve been playing a ridiculous amount of “Mystic Messenger,” which is entirely Kirstin’s fault; I’m also really enjoying ABC’s new show “Designated Survivor,” which features Keifer Sutherland as a low–level cabinet member who finds himself named President of the United States in the wake of an immense national tragedy.

Over the weekend I plan to organize my crafting supplies, which means I plan to turn my dining room into a sewing room. My family can eat off of the floor if they need to; I have priorites. I’m also hoping to play “Destiny,” get some of the new Halloween skins in “Overwatch,” and work on my current embroidery project.

And I plan to sleep. I plan to get so much sleep.

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