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Can't Talk | October 23, 2020

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Fanfiction By Way of Nail Polish

Fanfiction By Way of Nail Polish
Eris Esquire

On this episode of The Crafting System, we finally get to bring you our conversation with Samantha of Incidental Twin. Our technical setup had another case of the gremlins so this one’s a little short, but if you want to hear even more from Samantha over on her weekly webshow “Professional Fangirl.

Despite sounding underwater, we chatted about:

  • Learning to quilt (cheer Ness on!)
  • Scrapping projects in fits of artistic temperament
  • Fallen London
  • Mass Effect Andromeada
  • Deep thoughts about Asari boobs
  • Star Trek – The genesis of many a young nerd
  • Stranger Things
  • Are you realistic about your zombie apocalypse survival odds?
  • Yo, Samantha’s Orphan Black polishes are officially licensed! How cool is that!?
  • Storedemort: (noun) A retail location whose former employees are loathe to give name to

As mentioned before, you can get more from Samantha at Professional Fangirl and her twitter, @pirategirljack.

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Ness an editor and contributor at Can’t Talk. Eris Esquire runs Law Levels Up.

Our avi is by Chachi Bobinks, and our theme song is “Peanut Butter Cupquakes” by Big Giant Circles.

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