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Can't Talk | July 5, 2020

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“Battle Chef Brigade” at PAX West 2016

“Battle Chef Brigade” at PAX West 2016

Chicago indie team Trinket Studios descended upon PAX West to show off a demo of “Battle Chef Brigade,” an action-adventure RPG where fantasy chefs hunt and gather ingredients and use them to create dishes that will hopefully impress the judges and beat out the competition. Players will utilize combo-based action attacks to slay monsters and harvest ingredients, which feature color combos that have to be taken into account during puzzle-based cooking challenges.

The PAX demo featured the main playable protagonist, Mina, as well as another playable character named Thrash. Playable characters will have their advantages and disadvantages depending on a person’s preferred style, and Thrash has abilities Mina doesn’t. This includes a Berserk mode that allows his combos to last longer and gives him the ability to carry more ingredients.

While the game mechanics and concept are simple enough for a newcomer to pick up, the game boasts an enormous amount of depth and detail. In the PAX demo players got a glimpse of the relationships between Mina and the other characters, teasing a much larger story you might not expect at first glance.

“Battle Chef Brigade” also has eye-grabbing art. From the characters, monsters, environment, down to even the food dishes, all are hand drawn, 2D animated, and incredibly detailed.

Trinket Studios held a Kickstarter campaign in Fall 2014 for “Battle Chef Brigade” and smashed their foundation goal of $38,000. Pledges reached a total of $100,344 by the time the Kickstarter closed. Trinket Studios recently announced that “Battle Chef Brigade” was going to be published by Adult Swim Games; this gives them additional funding, PR, and marketing support.

A beta demo for Kickstarter backers is currently in the works; it will hopefully be available to play sometime this Fall. More details on a full release plan for PC, Mac, and Linux are expected shortly after the devs get feedback from the beta demo. In the meantime, you can go to the official site to preorder the game.


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