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Can't Talk | August 5, 2020

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Can’t Talk: All Tied Up for September 23rd, 2016

Can’t Talk: All Tied Up for September 23rd, 2016
Can't Talk Staff



This weekend I’m planning to read some of “Time Salvager” by Wesley Chu, a book wherein time travel goes astray. I also plan to play some “Batman: Arkham Knight,” which I got on sale through the PSN. I’m also doing grownup things, like work. Boo.



I unexpectedly had my kid home with me for most of the week, so now I’m catching up on all the things I didn’t do while I was busy momming. So many bridesmaid dress alterations! I finished binge-watching “House of Cards” and I’m very nearly done with “Daredevil.” I think we’ll tackle “Game of Thrones” next. I’m traveling for work next week, so that’s always an adventure.



 I’m a little burned out on “WoW” after playing so much since the “Legion” launch, so I’m giving myself a break and working on my latest “Mass Effect 2” playthrough. I am also probably going to start “Lego Harry Potter” again, because I never got very far even though it’s a super cute game. Finally, I’m going to bake my first batch of pumpkin cookies this season, since it’s officially Autumn!



I’ll be working two 12 hour shifts this weekend so unfortunately there won’t be much time for leisure. I have been listening to little bits of “The Phoenix Descent” audiobook, which features two female lead characters, some time travel, and an infectious spore that has hijacked most of Earth’s humans and animals.



This weekend I’m going to listen to the audiobook of “Fangirl” by Rainbow Rowell while sewing. It’s better than I expected, and now I want to read more of the fanfic. I’ll also continue my redo of my most recent “Dragon Age: Origins” playthrough, which I restarted after romancing the wrong person.



My partner and I took a trip up to the Renaissance Faire, where I got a flower crown, a sunburn, and really tired from walking/standing for five hours. We saw a falcon show, a joust, and a knife-throwing performance that gave me mild anxiety. It was a lot fun! I also watched all of “Galavant” on Netflix, and now I understand what all the buzz was about last year; it’s so delightful. In other news, a pipe broke and caused flooding in our office, so I’ve been working from home all week, and it’s been grand. Lastly, this weekend we’ll be spending some time at the beach to say goodbye (and, in my case, GOOD RIDDANCE) to summer. I’ll make sure to wear sunscreen this time.  



 I started stage managing a new Vaudeville performance that goes up in mid-October. I beat Agatha Christie’s Poirot game on Steam (and got 450 “ego points” for acting like Poirot), called “The ABC murders.” I’m doing Retro Game Show Night downtown this weekend with drag queen Tempest DuJour, and will likely be casting on a new sweater for my best friend.



I just finished reading Margaret Foxe’s “Elders and Welders Chronicles,” and I’m about to start “Kiss of Steel,” the first entry in Bec McMaster’s London Steampunk series. We’re having some friends over to play board games on Saturday, and will probably break in “Codenames.”  I’m also hoping to play some “Overwatch” with my family and some “Elder Scrolls Online” with Amelia.

What’s keeping you tied up this weekend?

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