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Can't Talk | August 11, 2020

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10 Second Reviews

10 Second Reviews


“Departure” by A.G. Riddle on Audible

I’m not a fan of time-travel stuff, but I had tons of Audible credits, so I took a chance on “Departure.”

It’s so good.

The story focuses on two people who are traveling on a plane to London. When the plane crashes, they, along with the other passengers, are put in an extreme survival situation. Of course, it turns out to be a lot more than that; in a sci-fi twist the passengers realize that they travelled forward in time to an Earth where society has fallen apart.


The two main characters are voiced by different people, and both narrators are wonderful. They make the characters feel so real. The story itself isn’t too long; just over 10 hours, if you’re listening to the audiobook.

I only have 2 hours left, and I’m on the edge of my seat. I don’t want to stop listening but I also don’t want it to end.

the night manager

“The Night Manager” on Google Play

I’m not going to lie; I’m watching “The Night Manager” because of Tom Hiddleston. He plays former military man Jonathan Pine, the night manager of a Cairo hotel who gets recruited to infiltrate an arms dealer’s inner circle. I’m not much for spy-thrillers, but this six-episode television series is pretty intense, and the big baddie is played by Hugh Laurie, so it has that going for it too.

Critics are giving this one rave reviews—and suggesting Hiddleston be the next James Bond. (If that were to happen, I would also start watching James Bond. Just saying.)



“Assault Android Cactus” on PS4

When my bestie flew up for the weekend, we couch co-oped the hell out of “Assault Android Cactus.” It’s a ridiculously fun twin-stick shooter, and it’s not at all easy. We played it the entire weekend, and though we were able to clear the final boss, our ratings and scores were terrible. We went back to try and get better ratings after we beat the campaign, thinking we were now super experienced and pro. Yeah. No.

Still, so much fun.


“Finding Dory” in Theaters

So cute, I can’t stop smiling. “Finding Dory” was so phenomenal I’d see it again in theaters. The movie warmed my heart; I even almost-cried once.

It was nice to see Nemo and Marlin take a back seat while Dory, along with a whole new set of supporting characters, made this movie more than just a sequel. Hank and the whales were hilarious, and I almost busted a gut because—no context—”Sigourney Weaver.“

Also, can we talk about that short before “Finding Dory?” Adorable.


“Vikings” on the History Channel

Vikings makes me want to have all the furs. (I actually went out and bought a sheepskin rug that is currently draped over my IKEA computer chair.) The first 10 episodes of season 4 were completely action packed. Episode 10 surprised the hell out of me, with a huge jump forward in time followed by a major cliffhanger. There are supposed to be 10 more episodes coming for season 4, although when they are coming is “sometime in 2016”.

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