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Can't Talk | August 5, 2020

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Ten Second Reviews: Too Hot For This Edition

Ten Second Reviews: Too Hot For This Edition
  • On June 10, 2016

It’s more than 110 degrees out this week. Send help and also frozen beverages. Here is my media consumption report:

Alice Through the Looking Glass

I don’t know. It was all right. Much of the acting wasn’t terrible. The movie was visually stunning. I feel uncomfortable regarding Johnny Depp now.

Grace and Frankie” (season 2)

Yes. Go watch. So many important topics covered including aging, marriage, divorce, loss, coming out, and being authentic. Genius acting and writing.


No, you’re watching ancient television shows for relaxation. If you never saw it, it’s a pretty great spy lady show featuring cool wigs and with bonus Gina Torres.

Now You See Me

In case you missed it, this movie is fantastic. Magicians stick it to the 1 percent. Sequel out now-ish!

Sushi Go

Really fun, fast-paced card game that requires little set up. Perfect for summer vacations.

“Midsomer Murders”

A series of two-hour murder mystery shows based on novels. Weird but sleepy, like “Criminal Minds” meets “Murder She Wrote.” It’s odd, and I like it. Also, there are apparently 19 seasons, so you’ll be kept busy.

Ro’s Argon Body Conditioner

OK, this isn’t media, but it is awesome. I have epically dry skin, especially after a shower (we have very hard water here). This product is like hair conditioner except for your body, and for the first time I come out of the shower smooth and not flaky at all. It’s amazing—and probably not for people with oily skin. I haven’t been this silky since I was a young child with no sun damage. It is also stupid expensive, so there’s that. If you’re splurging, get yourself a sweet Intergalactic bath bomb, too. Sparkly!

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