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Can't Talk | October 26, 2020

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Ten Second Reviews: Space Edition

Ten Second Reviews: Space Edition
  • On March 25, 2016

My favorite space stories, in no particular order.

“The Jaunt” by Stephen King: A short story about the history of teleportation. This story has haunted my nightmares for the last 20 years.

Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi: My favorite thing about John Scalzi is that he writes a little like Heinlein, but you don’t hate yourself afterwards.

“The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury: Look. If you haven’t, you need to. It’s just about as good as it gets.

“The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin: This book is less a space story and more an anthropological text on a world that just happens to be fictional. Queer as hell. Good stuff.

“The Mote in God’s Eye” by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle: Just really fun and full of speculative wtf.

“Conscience Interplanetary” by Joseph Green: In a universe full of life, how do we know if it is sentient? Good stuff.

“Way Station” by Clifford Simak: What it might be like when they come to us.

“Hyperion” by Dan Simmons: “The Canterbury Tales,” except creepy and about aliens.

“Dust” by Elizabeth Bear: Weird and surreal story of an evolved human culture on a dying generation ship. Who doesn’t like weird and surreal?

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