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Can't Talk | September 28, 2020

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Can’t Talk Podcast Episode #133: Hamilton’d

Can’t Talk Podcast Episode #133: Hamilton’d


  1. The only answer I can think of for you, Andrew, regarding that person and why he’s still talked about as a presidential candidate, is sensationalism. Maybe he doesn’t have as much actual support but his supporters are vocal and people love ridiculousness. As an aside, this must also be the reason Ridiculousness is still on the air. Because that show is terrible.

    And holy shit, re: origin stories: has it really been that long!? Has it really been 3 years since the beginning of the podcast? I was gonna say 4 years, but then I looked it up and the first podcast was in 2013, but I think I’ve been following Bell on Twitter since 2012. And where has the time gone!?

    Let’s Star Wars podcast already! I will make time to participate (as long as it’s not during Toy Fair, while the father of my children is out of town). My kids love Rey and Finn and it makes me so, so happy. The only thing that worries me about Episode 8 rewrites is a fan-service Poe-Finn pairing. I prefer their friendship. I want three main characters that are all best friends and might have love interests elsewhere in the universe. Because bro Poe and Finn is so great because it wasn’t planned and a planned Poe/Finn story will end up trope-y (my greatest fear).

    Oh, the Mako and how I love it. I climbed up a mountain to flip the Mako and when it finally did I was so happy! I didn’t mind the Hammerhead except when it came time to fight stuff.

    ALWAYS LEAVE KAIDAN WITH THE BOMB AND THEN GO BACK FOR HIM. Because what if the geth could disable it? What if!? Plus, it makes no sense for Saren to come back and attack anywhere other than where the bomb is.

    I thought this podcast was over on that Deadpool note. I’m not complaining but my comment is a disjointed mess and I’m waiting for the end so I don’t accidentally refresh this page. Downloading is for people who are not me.

    Next podcast idea: Bioware choice outrage. As in our outrage at the choices other people make.

    I use my expensive purse all the time. All of my other purses are sad they will no longer see the light of day. Probably.

    • Bell

      I feel like Amelia and I should both take the night off one of these days and have a Star Wars episode run by Andrew 😀 And we ALSO thought the episode was over after Deadpool, but things got away from us. Just be glad I cut the meandering conversation about how to delete calendars from Google Calendar. 😀

      It blows me away that we’ve been going this long, too. 🙂 AND THANK YOU FOR SHOW SUGGESTIONS. We love those. 😀 And hi-five my Mako-Flipping bro.

      • Andrew

        I would be happy to run a Star Wars podcast, but it wouldn’t be the same without at least one of you there too. It doesn’t matter that Amelia doesn’t know that TIE fighters belong to the Empire, we’ve all seen and have an appreciation of “The Force Awakens”
        Also who else would I talk too Bell? You would need to book a guest.

        • I’m pretty sure this podcast would get all the volunteer guests. So many feels (and more rational thoughts, too)!

    • Ness


      • I’m all for fans loving Finn/Poe! I just want it to remain ambiguous forever. Also Poe is totally bisexual. I am making it canon.

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