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Can't Talk | September 22, 2020

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Second Impressions: iZombie

Second Impressions: iZombie

I don’t enjoy crime dramas. I especially dislike crime dramas with a twist. (Like the detective is a psychic or enlists the help of a psychic). In “iZombie”, a detective enlists the help of the girl who works in the coroner’s office who he thinks is a psychic but is actually a zombie who gets the memories of murder victims after she eats their brains. So basically I’ve got a predisposition to not like this show.

But I made it through the first season after running my “First Impressions” article decades ago. Sometimes it was a struggle. It was never one of those shows where I finished an episode and immediately HAD to watch the next one. Usually I moseyed on into the next episode when it automatically started playing and I was too lazy to stop it. Other times I had to take a break. It was equal parts quirky and annoying.

My biggest issue with this season was the purposeful withholding of information for absolutely no reason. The main character, Liv, breaks off her engagement to the man of her dreams because she’s turned into a zombie. Liv goes out of her way to not let Major (the ex-fiancé) find out the truth even when it’s ruining his entire life and putting him in danger.  It’s totally fine that her boss knows, though. For science.

Speaking of her boss, Ravi is by far the greatest character in the show. The show needs more Ravi. He outshines the other characters who are the basic best-friend,  private detective, ex-fiancé placeholders. Liv seems fairly interesting, but I don’t know if she’s interesting at the core or if it can be attributed to the fact that she takes on different personality traits every time she eats a new brain. I mostly find myself annoyed with her, going back to the whole bit about her obsession with protecting Major while simultaneously jeopardizing him. She has great hair though. Hella-adorable for a zombie. Also, that theme song!

iZombie’s first season ended on a cliff-hanger, naturally, and while I’m mildly interested in seeing where the show’s storyline goes in season 2 I’m not entirely on board. I do have several friends who are really into it, so maybe it’s just me. If I had nothing else to watch and needed something to entertain me as I fold laundry, then yeah? Meh.


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