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Can't Talk | September 20, 2020

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New Podcast Alert: The Crafting System

New Podcast Alert: The Crafting System
  • On November 27, 2015

We’ve talked about this long enough, some mysterious new podcast our Patreon supporters helped fund. Here’s the inside scoop: The Crafting System launches Tuesday, Dec. 1.

Eris Esquire and I will talk about fan creation in whatever form it takes—fan fic, art, tattoos, cosplay, and so much more—as participation in fandom. We’ll put out episodes every other Tuesday. Once a month, we will feature an interview with a creator. (If you want to be a guest, email me at Keep an eye out here for more.

Want more of The Crafting System? Check out our Twitter, @craftingsystem, and our Instagram. People who use the native Apple podcasting app (why?), iTunes is in the works, so hang tight!

A note for regular Can’t Talk Podcast listeners: This will not automatically be a part of your podcast subscription to that show. If this one interests you, please subscribe to it separately. Thanks!

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