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Can't Talk | August 8, 2020

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On Pins and Needles Episode 7: I Like It Really Tight

On Pins and Needles Episode 7: I Like It Really Tight
Can't Talk Staff

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This month, we talk about holiday crafting, quickie gift ideas, and the biggest and best time-suck of them all: Pinterest.

Rosie is working away on her Garden Sweater.
Amelia made TWO things while taking a break from the socks she’s been working on: Green Fingers in Chroma Fingering weight (in Avalon… I think), and a monster lovey (so cute!)
Kayte is still (for the love of everything holy why a scarf in fingering??!?!?!) working on the drop stitch scarf, and is also still working on the Triceratops lovey.

There’s still time to enter our raffle! Post a pic of an art/craft you are making/have made on Facebook or Twitter and tag OPAN, and we’ll draw names the last week of November for awesome prizes (handspun yarn and handmade stitch markers by the brilliant and fabulous Kalamandah). PLUS, you can still get 10% off in Kalamandah’s Etsy store Silly Sheep by using the code OnPinsAndNeedles at checkout.

ALSO, Can’t Talk Media, from whence OPAN was spawned, now has a Patreon account to help cover the costs of producing podcasts and other media on the Can’t Talk website. Please consider donating a monthly recurring amount (as little as $1 – and any donation is hugely appreciated) to help Can’t Talk peeps continue bringing you awesome content including On Pins and Needles as well as articles, online streaming of gameplay, and other neat stuff. Donate HERE.

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