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Can't Talk | September 22, 2020

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Review: ‘I Am Bread’

Review: ‘I Am Bread’
  • On October 27, 2015

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Too frustrating to be fun

This game should have been hilarious and zany, but the gameplay made me pull my hair out. Seriously, I'm bald now, you guys.

(I received a free download code for “I Am Bread” in exchange for my unbiased review.)

I Am Bread” by U.K. developer Bossa Studios features a slice of bread on an epic quest to become toast.

At its core, “I Am Bread” is a game about, well, being a slice of bread. There is apparently some kind of plot going on here, but it’s kind of beside the point. The gist of what is for all intents and purposes a bread simulator is this: You must maneuver a piece of bread using some unfortunately awkward gestures through various levels. Hitting the ground—or getting covered in ants—reduces your edibility.  

It’s weird and quirky, but that’s not surprising as it’s by the same devs who brought you “Surgeon Simulator.”

The iOS version of the game features revamped controls, eight unique levels inside and out of the house, and a new grading system to help players reach the top scores.

This seems like a game tailor-made for streaming. It’s beautiful and the music is catchy. The achievements are punny. But it’s frustrating; I swore a lot while trying to get the hang of it.

I definitely struggled with this game on my iPhone 5c. The screen was too small to really get my poor piece of bread across the room and into the toaster. I had a hard time getting the movements to track on the touchscreen. I hoped it would be better on my iPad, but it really wasn’t. Sometimes swiping would nudge the bread an infinitesimal amount; other times, it would send the bread flying across the room and onto the floor—which is, unsurprisingly, bad, 10 second rule notwithstanding.

“I Am Bread” is a light-hearted game with fantastic music and dynamic art. I really wanted to like this, but I struggled with the gameplay. If you’re the kind of person that likes throwing food on the ground, you may enjoy it. Otherwise, I’d suggest giving this a pass—or playing on PS4 or Steam.

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