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Can't Talk | July 5, 2020

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PAX Prime 2015: Eon Altar


“An ancient, malevolent force stirs within the depths of the Eon Altar, and it’s up to YOU to stop it! Eon Altar is the next step of evolution in computer roleplaying games, combining nail-biting action and turn-based tactical combat with an epic story of friendship, destiny, and betrayal. Featuring gorgeous art and an intricate, original fantasy world, Eon Altar is a compelling episodic adventure brought to life with rich, voice-acted dialogue and an epic soundtrack.” – Flying Helmet Games Press Release

With that knowledge, I grabbed two friends and marched them to the Flying Helmet Games booth on the sixth floor of PAX Prime 2015 to get hands on with “Eon Altar.” It was totally worth our time.

“Eon Altar” is an episodic, cooperative, tactical, turn-based role-playing game in a fantasy setting that allows for one to four local players. It combines gameplay mechanics from traditional role-playing console and tabletop games with modern technology. The game utilizes a main gaming hub (PC/Mac/Steam) as well as player’s smartphones.

Once linked in, the smartphones are used to control a character’s movement, combat, and dialogue choices. With each player having their own private screen, useful information can be filtered to certain party members without others knowing. It is then up to the player to share that information with their team—or not.

Adding to the role-playing experience is the dialogue. When a character has something to say, the player controlling them must read their words aloud. This aspect creates a more immersive experience and, if nothing else, makes things more entertaining.

I am a person who is terribly uncomfortable with the idea of playing a tabletop RPG where I have to be in character and slightly creative; “Eon Altar” holds my hand with pre-rendered characters and script that make for an overall fun experience.

“Eon Altar Episode One: The Battle for Tarnum” is available for purchase on Steam Early Access. The smartphone controller app is free on Google Play and the App Store. “Episode One: The Battle for Tarnum” contains three levels with four playable heroes and roughly four hours of content. In addition to the first episode, combat arena challenge levels are also included.

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