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Can't Talk | July 5, 2020

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PAX Prime 2015: Assault Android Cactus


When I first saw the title “Assault Android Cactus,” I had no idea what I was about to play. As it turns out, it’s a chaotic, cooperative (up to four players), arcade-style twin-stick shoot ’em up full of homicidal robots and some seriously sassy heroines. Oh, and it’s set in space. These are all things that I really really like, and I’m pretty sure that you will, too.

Cactus is the kick-ass android with a whole lot of attitude. After defying orders to tackle what is basically a suicide mission, Cactus crashes onto a ship that has something like a hundred thousand killer robots on the loose. There she recruits some other android heroines to aid in her mission.

There are eight androids to chose from. Each has its own personality and primary and secondary weapons to suit the needs of many different gameplay styles. With each android having its own unique set of weapons, some are more difficult to play. There’s also the ability to swap out the secondary weapon of each android for a Mega Weapon. The Mega Weapons are based on the android’s primary weapon and pack a mean punch. By that I mean ridiculous, over-the-top, glorious destruction. Cue maniacal laughing.

“Assault Android Cactus” is being developed by Witch Beam. It is currently in early access and available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux for $14.99 USD. It officially launches on Steam on Sept. 23, 2015.

Click below for an interview with Tim Dawson (Art and Code) from Witch Beam on the show floor of PAX Prime 2015.


Can’t Talk Editor Bell contributed to this report.

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