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Can't Talk | July 5, 2020

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[Sponsored Content] BattleKasters Day Four at PAX Prime

[Sponsored Content] BattleKasters Day Four at PAX Prime
  • On August 31, 2015

Here’s the last “BattleKasters” recap of PAX Prime 2015. (Miss Melissa and Bell before they hit their stride? Day one. Day two. Day three.)

To review: “BattleKasters” is a location-based game you play on your phone. It allows you to close portals, cast spells, and collect cards.

Let’s see if Bell and Melissa managed to close the Stonefire Portal, shall we?

First, they had to get the Redstone Ring. Will the ring’s guardian give it up?

Bell thinks she’s closed the Stonefire Portal. I’m not so sure.

Now she casts the spell and closes it for real.

Finally, Bell interviews another player, who closed the Stonefire Portal in 52 minutes. Yowza!

Want more “BattleKasters“? Check out the website, go watch the trailer, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. You can also check out the first book in the Legends of Orkney series, “The Red Sun” by Alane Adams.

That’s it for “BattleKasters,” but keep an eye out. Melissa and Bell will be putting up new PAX content. You can also head over to the Can’t Talk YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages to see Paxlets, posts and pictures of their PAX experience.

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