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Can't Talk | September 27, 2020

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Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 110: Amomamous Gamevenience

Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 110: Amomamous Gamevenience
Can't Talk Staff

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On this week’s Can’t Talk Podcast, we talk about PAX, tell stories that make Bell look bad when she tells them to others, and share exciting sponsored content news!

This week’s episode was sponsored by BattleKasters, the game you can play at PAX and other cons, using the con floor as a living gameboard. The game is based on a series of books called the Legend of Orkney, and was conceived to help encourage kids and families to read together. Check out all the info about BattleKasters on their website, and keep an eye out for Bell and Melissa to be playing and posting videos of the game all through PAX next weekend.
Bell recommends: Fallout Shelter
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  1. I know 3 people in my family for sure. I have not asked any of them for details because it was clearly a painful choice. When my mom had hers, my sister and I were 10-11-ish and they had told us it was a miscarriage. Found out it was an abortion only a few years ago. I’ve always been 100% pro-choice, but it was still a bit of a shock to find out. I understand why and I’m sure it was the best choice and I love my mom even more for having gone through it.

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