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Can't Talk | September 21, 2020

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Heads Up! Purrfectly Ever After


If you like dating sims then you know that North American releases are few and far between when it comes to otome games. Today you’re in luck! In case you missed it, there’s a fully funded otome game called “Purrfectly Ever After” available for backing on Kickstarter until July 26, 2015!

The game is already complete in terms of game engine and aesthetics. They’ve successfully reached their campaign goal, but if you want to get in on some backer rewards and stretch goals now is the time.

“Purrfectly Ever After” will be released on iOS and Android and has been greenlit on Steam.

The features:

  • There will be five characters to romance.
  • There will be two types of endings, “Romance” and “Destiny”, for a total of ten possible endings.
  • At 40+ hours in length, it has high replay value.
  • It’s available in English and Japanese, with Japanese voice acting.
  • The game has an original soundtrack that is included digitally in most of the backer tiers.
  • There are free epilogues and early access for a certain tier level of backers and, if certain stretch goals are achieved, an additional romanceable character.

You can register here for an invite to the Free iOS English Demo, available now!

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