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Can't Talk | September 22, 2020

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First Impressions: iZombie

First Impressions: iZombie

While I’ve never watched Veronica Mars, iZombie is a new CW show by the same creator that is loosely based on a comic of the same name. Currently, ratings for the 13 episode season seem quite positive but there’s no news yet on a renewal or cancellation.

As a human, Olivia “Liv” Moore was a successful medical resident, engaged to her perfect man, with her whole life ahead of her. That is, until she decided to let loose and attend a party that resulted in her becoming undead.

The show is fun and quirky, with some very mild frustrations. Liv’s friends and family are worried about her sudden changes in life; breaking it off with her fiance, giving up a prestigious position for a job at a morgue, all unknowing that she’s turned into a zombie. What I don’t get is why she hasn’t told them. She hasn’t even obviously wrestled with the idea. Her co-worker, upon discovery of her secret, takes the news exceptionally well. Well, in a science-experiement sort of way, but still. Their friendship seems to work.

What really gets the show on the road is the fact that when Liv eats brains, she tends to get glimpses of their memories. This side effect lands her in a consulting role for Detective Clive Babinaux, under the guise that she’s a “psychic” with visions”. As well as flashes of memories, Liv also takes on little personality quirks from the victims which is one of my favourite aspects of the show.

The only thing that I don’t particularly dig is the crime solving aspect. I’m not a fan of crime dramas to begin with and I feel like the “supernatural person helps detective fight/solve crime” has been done over many times in different ways, with actual psychics, seers, vampires, and other supernatural beings. While this is the first time they’ve done it with zombies, the idea that zombies absorb the memories of their victims has also been done before.

On the plus side, Liv has great style for an undead person. I get that her complexion has to be very pasty, being a zombie and all, but the hair really works for her. Being a zombie seems like it could be tough, but lucky for Liv she’s got a career, a great place to live, and decent friends and family. I’d even say she’s a zombie of privilege.

Currently 5 of the 13 episodes have aired and I’m interested enough to see where this show goes. I even have a few friends (Nate) watching it along with me who seem to dig it a lot!

Have you seen it? Have you read the comics? Tell me what you think!


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  1. Cody

    Her motivations for concealing what happened to her would make a lot more sense if we saw some kind of external response to zombies in the world. If there were people around her condemning zombies, or if there was some greater threat to zombies. Either might come up later as a plot point.

    Otherwise I’d assume it’s out of fear. Fear of abandonment, or fear of being “dobbed in” to authorities. Might even just be a privacy thing, I think a part of her arc is just coming to grips with what happened to her. So it’d make sense she’d want to avoid intrusions and uncomfortable questions. IDK. I like that not everything is spelled out unambiguously.

    Think the show’s fun. I kinda have to roll my eyes at the base premise, like you said “crime drama with that one gifted quirky investigator” is way overdone. But the writing is fun, and the way it revises commonly accepted zombie lore is pretty engaging.

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