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Can't Talk | October 21, 2020

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Sappy Goofy Romance Post

  • On February 11, 2015

(I always tell my husband that this is “our” song. He gives me dirty looks.)


My husband and I have been together since we were very young. He was 19 and I was 21 when we met; he’d never had a serious girlfriend and I was rebounding from a guy who was kind of a tool. We had no idea what we were doing.

It didn’t take us long to figure out that flowers and violin serenades weren’t our thing. We tried valiantly to get aboard the Romance Train the first couple years, but it was just not happening. We’re not that kind of romantic.

So what is our version of romance?

When he puts my cold feet between his legs in his sleep.

When I put his laundry in the washer without being asked.

When he buys me salty food at the beginning of a road trip, because he knows it settles my stomach.

When I don’t complain about him spending all weekend golfing, even though I wish he was home.

When he waits to watch a show he really wants to watch, just in case I want to watch it, too.

When I watch a show I don’t really want to, because he waited for me.

When he comes home to drive the kids to school so that I don’t have to put shoes on.

When I do the dishes, even though it’s his turn.

When he brings a jacket even though he’s not cold, because he knows I will be.

When I plug in his electronics so he doesn’t have to worry about it.

When he walks a mile to the car to get my flip flops because I wore the wrong shoes and my feet hurt.

When I pre-order a game for him without being asked.

When he handles all the grown up stuff for a week at a time when a BioWare title comes out.

These are all things that can easily be chalked up to “basic courtesy”,  but after 15 years courtesy just goes out the window and you learn to be grateful if your partner left toilet paper in the bathroom. Making space for each other, taking care of each other in little ways that might not even be noticed…these are the things that are romantic to us, because these are the things that remind us that we’re loved

I don’t need flowers. I don’t want flowers. Buying flowers is like spending money to watch something die. When he buys me black licorice because I love it, even though the smell makes him gag… well.

That’s romance.


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  1. Andrew Baker

    The best kind of romance.

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