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Can't Talk | October 21, 2020

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Geeky Date Ideas

Geeky Date Ideas
  • On February 13, 2015

Or, how Amelia just likes to be contrary.

Look. I don’t really endorse Valentine’s Day–a.k.a. Overpriced Obligation Day. I have argued long and hard against the celebration of this day in my relationships to some degree of success. However, as the majority of the Internet seems to swing away from something, I find myself swinging toward it. I’m the world’s dorkiest rebel. Like, I defended 50 Shades recently.

ANYWAY. Apparently because the Internet has decided to hate Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided maybe I’m okay with an arbitrary day of declaring your love for another. It doesn’t have to be what the corporate entities want it to be, but why can’t we reclaim the concept and make it our own? Friend love day! I totally think your butt is cute day! I dunno. All I know is, I can’t argue with the idea of intentionally bringing more love into this nasty, brutal existence now and then.

(It suddenly occurs to me that I’m basically Andy Rooney. Help me.)

As my act of rebellion, here are some ideas I had for geeky people and those who love them to rebel with me and enjoy the dreaded VDay. Or, you know, any day:

1. Re-enactment Day

Ingredients: camera, basic costumes and props (the more cheesy/goofy/homemade, the better). (Don’t tell me you don’t have them because I know you have at least one light saber and probably a variety of pretend swords hanging around. Or Lego, which can be anything.)

Pick three or four of your favorite movie/book/video game scenes and re-create them. Get as fance as you like, using still photos or video. I vote for this heart warmer (Mass Effect 3 spoilers). Consider how you can treasure these photos forever and annoy your offspring and/or other friends with them!

2. Choose Your Own Ending

Ingredients: Five bucks, local comic book shop, art supplies (or just imagination).

Go to comic shop, pick out the most random comic you can find to buy. Read it together, then speculate how the rest of the series will go. Write and draw your own version of upcoming events. Share this with me immediately because I LOVE it when people get creative and make stuff.

3. Dollar Store

Ingredients: A dollar plus tax per person, a dollar store.

(Credit for this one actually goes to my husband.)

Set an arbitrary time limit and split up, each person finding the best thing they can think of to symbolize the ship, fandom, or passion of the other(s) at the dollar store, for one dollar, within that time limit.

4. The Long One

Ingredients: That long-lasting board game everyone avoids because it takes hours to play, a day off, fortifying snacks

Arkham Horror, I’m looking at you. We love to play them but they take forever! Drag that monster out of the closet, set it up, and spend some time with your peep(s).

5. The One Off

Ingredients: A GM, dice, fortifying snacks.

Take a break from your long-form tabletop adventure for a fun, light-hearted one off. Dust off Paranoia, perhaps (my favorite). Do the whole adventure in one sitting, ending in glory and/or terrible death for all with time leftover for dinner.

Speaking of dinner…

6. Theme Meal

Ingredients: cash for groceries, creative brain

Recreate meals from your favorite media in your kitchen! Suggestions:

Other ideas: Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Room, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

7. Learn A Thing Together (example: Cribbage)

Ingredients: Cribbage board, deck of cards, instructions

When my husband and I were first dating, he was nervous about showing up to dates with nothing to do. Instead, he came up with this concept of “learning a thing together.” Neither of us knew how to play cribbage, so he brought all the ingredients and we learned together. We played this game on or honeymoon, in the hospital when our child was born, and on our tenth anniversary trip last year. I feel this was a pretty inspired idea.

Alternate ideas: make a good pie crust (did that one on a date once, it was fun), learn to draw, rock climbing, learn a new language–code counts, yoga, origami, reading tarot cards. Anything that seems fun that you can share.

8. Crafts Day

Ingredients: Well, depends

Create something hella cool to share!

Ideas: cribbage board box (for idea 7), matchbox rocketsMinecraft blocks, Mood Lamp. This site is basically awesome.

I hope that these have inspired you to cast off the super cool mantle of “above it all.” Instead, come with me into “why the fuck not? We only live once and we might as well have a good time about it.” Share the love, people. There isn’t enough of it right now.

(image credit: Betsy Weber)

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  1. Andrew Baker

    I’m running a love themed one off 5th edition D&D adventure tonight! That’s a great idea!

    • Doctor Who Sushi and D & D GMing?!?

      It’s good we don’t live closer together I’d probably follow you around.

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