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Can't Talk | September 21, 2020

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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Five Reasons to Visit Universal Studios

November 28, 2014 |

So I just got back from a trip from Universal Studios. Universal is a big park with a lot of rides that are unfriendly to the motion sick–they tend to use a lot of virtual motion stuff. On the other hand, … Read More

10 Second Reviews: November 27, 2014

November 28, 2014 | | One Comment

Short for time? Gobble up these easily digested 10 Second Reviews.


Reign (Season One): It’s a period drama with a touch of teen angst. Like most CW shows, it suffers from a case of love triangle syndrome but I … Read More

Holiday Recipes for Vegetarians

November 26, 2014 | | One Comment

I’m a vegetarian, which can make dining with family and friends a bit tricky, especially when they want to go to a steakhouse but assure you that the steakhouse serves “Salads”. (Steakhouse salads, for the uninitiated, usually consist of a … Read More

Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 71: Pirate Fluids

November 24, 2014 |

Download this episode (right click and save)

This week on the Can’t Talk Podcast we deconstruct the season finale of Doctor Who and try not to cough too much.

Bell recommends Intimate Business Amelia strongly urges you to watch Supernatural’s 200th … Read More

Let’s Play The Secret World 41: No Hope Chest

November 22, 2014 |

A short video for a tiny side quest!

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Ten Second Reviews: Amelia’s November

November 21, 2014 |

More ten second reviews from the Can’t Talk team who brought you other ten second reviews.

Neverwhere the audio book: Great, fun read by Neil Gaiman (author and voice performance). I am the only one in my family who enjoyed this, … Read More

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series is coming

November 20, 2014 |

Telltale Games is one of my favourite video game companies. They are one of the few that put out truly story-driven games. They’ve been very successful at adapting popular franchises such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us … Read More

Borderlands: The Presequel (Spoilers Ahoy)

November 19, 2014 |

I’m a fan of the Borderlands series. I enjoy the goofy, off-the-wall and usually more than a little inappropriate humor as much as I do its occasionally biting social commentary. That’s why I was so excited to play Borderlands: The … Read More

Let’s Play The Secret World 40: Deathless

November 18, 2014 |

We chase a disappearing owl and turn into undead monks!

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Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 70: Squee

November 17, 2014 |

Download this episode (right click and save)

On this week’s episode of the Can’t Talk Podcast, we are exceptionally excited to talk to Allegra Clark, voice of Josephine Montilyet in Dragon Age: Inquisition. We talk about getting the gig, how doing voice … Read More