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Can't Talk | August 9, 2020

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Weird Stuff on Neflix

Weird Stuff on Neflix
  • On September 12, 2014

Are you thinking to yourself “man, I’d sure like to watch a show on Netflix while I embroider my friend’s cosplay (sacrifice this minion, loot this corpse, pet your Mabari, whatever). But which one? I’ve watched all the hyped stuff, and now the possibilities are endless!”

Let me do the footwork so you don’t have to! In this installment, I have three shows for you to consider.

A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories

This show is so weird. It’s Daniel Radcliffe playing a young doctor in Russia, and Jon Hamm playing his older self. Every time you see them together, it’s a guy talking to the younger version of himself. This is actually the trailer for the second series, but the first is up on Netflix now. It’s billed as a comedy but let me tell you–dark comedy does not BEGIN to cover how deeply disturbing this show is. The moments meant to be comedy left me staring blankly at the screen, feeling a lot of things but “amused” was not one of them. It’s also gory as hell and everyone is using morphine. Enjoy!

The Finder

The Finder is way more fun than Young Doctor weirdo. The show only ran for one season, and was a spin-off of Bones (but only in that characters from Bones sometimes show up on The Finder). The story is that Walter, the main character, received some brain damage while fighting in Iraq (at least, that’s the backstory you get at the beginning). As a result, he has a somewhat mystical ability to “find” lost things. The downside is that if he doesn’t find what he’s looking for, he becomes unstable and even violent.

I know it sounds disturbing, but in actuality the show is really fun and light-hearted most of the time. I like the variety in characters (and representation of PoC and women). It’s funny and irreverent with moments of depth and honest looks at mental illness and traumatic brain injury. Also the now-deceased Michael Clarke Duncan is super awesome in the show, and that makes me happy/sad. Check it out, it’s worth a look.

The IT Crowd

Actual comedy about the IT department of a large company. It’s super funny. My favorite bit is this scene about sports:

“I like being weird. Weird’s all I’ve got. That and my sweet style.” This show gets significantly better in the fourth season, and apart from a few inside jokes you could probably skip right to it.

I hope your Netflix watching has been improved! When you run out of these, let me know and I’ll find you some more good stuff. Or at least some weird stuff.

(image: The Finder distributed by Fox Television)

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