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Can't Talk | August 11, 2020

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Useful and Informative

Useful and Informative
  • On September 19, 2014

My Doctor Who recap was so huge this week that my brain is fried. In lieu of a useful article by me, I bring you useful and informative articles by others!

Lifehacker’s How I Work series. Weirdly, I was just wishing YESTERDAY that I could interview a bunch of self-employed people to find out how they do things like organize their day, their office, their schedule and their decisions. Lo and behold, I totally stumble on this series. I’ve already found it hella useful.

Favorite bits: Dan Ariely’s advice to guard your most productive time and use it to work on big projects (also, his discussion of making choices that will help you grow rather than continuing to do things that won’t push you. Very timely advice for me as I consider the next steps in my career.) I also signed up for Trello, a workflow website that puts your to do list in a sort of Pintrest-esque visual format. I don’t know if it will be useful yet but it seems promising.

Zoe Quinn’s Cracked article. As long as you don’t read the comments, it’s a very good and personal sum up of all the gamer gate bullshit we talked about in the podcast on Monday.

The Comic Book Resources review of Elfquest: The Final Quest. I’ve been reading it, and loving it, and struggling to write about it. My Elfquest feelings are very personal and deeply rooted in a much younger version of myself that is still scribbling love notes to Cutter and Leetah in her journal. Until I get around to sorting it all out into a coherent, semi-adult review, read this one.

Can you blame me though? Image: Warp Graphics, Inc.

Can you blame me though? (Image: Warp Graphics, Inc.)

Girls With Slingshots. This long running web comic is just fabulous. It’s inclusive, stars a bunch of fantastic women, and is all around cute. Also there are ten years of archives, so it will definitely fulfill your procrastination needs.

Go forth and be awesome, geek compadres!

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