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Can't Talk | September 28, 2020

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Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Review: Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  • On September 26, 2014

Review Overview


Fun, but the same old thing

I didn’t buy a 3DS so I could play Zelda and then forget the 3DS existed. You did that.

Actually, what happened was that I only had two other games for it: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies. I hate both of them. I’m sorry guys, I tried. Story-type anime games just bore me. I do have a couple puzzle games, and those are fun but nothing to write reviews about. I mean, unless you desperately need me to write a review of sudoku puzzles.

The squares inside squares are the usual type–four-sided. The numbers, 1-8, have a nice font. I get easily frustrated but soldier forth. 5/5.

Oh what a happy day it was when I discovered there’s a new Paper Mario (Paper Mario: Sticker Star) for the 3DS. I love the Paper Mario series. There’s something weirdly satisfying about a world made of paper. I like the way they introduce new, creative gameplay to the Mario universe. Paper Mario can turn into an airplane, or turn 3D, or slip through cracks, all kinds of things that regular Mario can’t do. This lends a puzzle aspect to the game–not too hard, but challenging and fun. Also, the games are a turn-based rpg style combined with the more common Mario elements like jumping on Goomba heads.

Or in this case incinerate them with flaming balls of flower power.

Or in this case incinerate them with flaming balls of flower power.

This installment is as much fun as I hoped. The gimmick of the game is stickers. Stickers are stuck to everything, they fall from the sky, there’s a sticker festival–the town (called Decalburg) really loves their stickers.

At the beginning of the game Bowser interrupts a sticker festival, then proceeds to steal some stuff and also Princess Peach. No one saw that coming.

So we set off as Mario, using the stickers as battle items against Bowser’s various enemy agents. The turn-based combat is pretty fun once you remember you have to press A when  you employ a sticker. If you don’t press A, you won’t do any damage and you will die repeatedly. Um, I’m told.

There are stickers EVERYWHERE.

There are stickers EVERYWHERE.

The game puzzles are fun. At one point, I had to cover a pair of fans with stickers from my inventory to move forward. At another, I had to jump into a waterfall (which you normally can’t do) to find a secret cave underneath. You find “things” throughout the universe you can turn into stickers and use to solve puzzles (for example, a fan helped me use air currents to get into a building.) So far, there isn’t much to being a 2D/paper person in this game apart from using stickers to your advantage in creative ways.


Holy shit toads flying out of a cabinet!

Otherwise, this game is no different than any Mario game. Finish levels, find the secret exits and things, fight turtles, etc. This isn’t exactly a complaint, but I do wonder just how long Nintendo can bank on nostalgia to sell video games. Also, can we please let Princess Peach save her damn self?

All in all, I’d recommend Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It’s a fun game that doesn’t require a ton of skill to play (my favorite kind). If you’re like me and still looking for the next fun 3DS game after The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, give this one a try.

(images from Paper Mario: Sticker Star, property of Nintendo Inc.)

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