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Can't Talk | October 26, 2020

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In Which Games Are Methadone & I’m Losing Touch With Reality

In Which Games Are Methadone & I’m Losing Touch With Reality
  • On September 24, 2014

(Flashback time! This was originally posted in 2011, but I’m bringing it back because I like it. Enjoy!)

Sometimes I get frustrated with my life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good life, full of good things like indoor plumbing and enough food to feed my family. Important things that I shouldn’t take for granted.

But it’s so small. Ordinary. Perhaps a lifetime of fantasy and science fiction has given me a taste for things I’ll never have, because I doubt my grandfather ever looked around his home and thought, “Hey, you know what would make this better? Blue trees.”

I’m a couch potato and really, I am pretty resistant to being uncomfortable, but there’s a part of me–small, but irritating, like the itch in the one place on your back you can’t reach–that demands adventure. Not ordinary adventure, either. Epic adventure. Travelling with the Doctor across all of space and time, defending the galaxy from the Reapers & don’t forget your towel style adventure.

That’s the kind of big life I want. It’s ridiculous. I can’t be satisfied with taking a trip to Paris (although if someone wants to send me there I’m not going to be complaining), I want to break into the Louvre and discover the secret passage that leads to the ancient temple below it, just like I did in Angel of Darkness. I want to look out over the Citadel and marvel at its immensity. I want to do everything and see everything and be everything.

Until I completely lose touch with reality, which is apparently right around the corner, I can’t do those things in real life. I’m never going to visit another planet or assassinate a Templar. Any wrongs I right or evils I vanquish are destined to remain small-scale.

Common sense tells me it’s better this way.¬† The part of me that longs for fantastic adventure really isn’t taking into account the increased likelihood of getting shot in the face, and I’ve been told actual adventure doesn’t have a casual mode OR unlimited respawns. That just seems like bad planning on the developer’s part.

Instead, I’ll sit on my comfy couch and get lost in my games for a while.

It’s like Big Life Lite.

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