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Can't Talk | September 20, 2020

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Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 57: Bell Likes Weird Shit

Can’t Talk Podcast Episode 57: Bell Likes Weird Shit


  1. What’s the anime-guy eating cherries? I still don’t know.

    My dating sim lore definitely bumped up but I don’t think that the Kim Kardashian game is a dating sim. I think you’re trying to become a celebrity in it. Guess you could date but I don’t think it’s a dating sim specifically.

    I’ll put in another suggestion for the topic name. I think of it like managing priorities, especially between those short-term vs. long-term outcomes. I can sit on my couch, drinking beer, and playing a dating sim for that short-term relief or I can work on the stuff I need to do. It’s easy to find motivation (I found a way to put it in there!) for those short-term because the reward is right there.

    Also, what’s the costume going to be Bell? “It’s a lot of stuff but it’s a lot of easy stuff.” That’s how the topic started though, right? It doesn’t seem like a lot until you start doing it. I do hope that the costume works out though. I work well under pressure too.

    • Bell

      Thank you. I can use all the encouragment I can get.:) I’m making the Black Fox’s Jerkin from Dragon Age II.'s_Jerkin It’s not coming along quickly, and I’ve ended up recruiting basically everyone I know to help me with it. (Amelia and her husband included!) I have to finish it within the next three days I and honestly haven’t the faintest idea if that’s even possible. It’s an adventure!

  2. Here’s the cherry anime thing. …enjoy?

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