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Can't Talk | September 20, 2020

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Unboxing: Petit Chara! Sailor Moon Part 2

Unboxing: Petit Chara! Sailor Moon Part 2

Today I received a package from Japan, which can only mean one thing; another Sailor Moon unboxing! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of the Petit Chara! Sailor Moon Atarashii Nakama to Henshin yo! (Transform with new friends!) ever since I did my unboxing of the Inner Senshi.

At the beginning of my work day I received a box with this label. I felt extreme joy and agony simultaneously. After all, I wasn’t going to be able to open it for another 8 hours.

photo 2

Once the packaging paper and bubble wrap was disposed of, this was what remained. Is that glowing yellow light I see? At this point I was praying I got the random Luna P insert.

photo 4

Here’s a picture showing how the blind boxes are packaged.

photo 15

Sailor Saturn (Type B) was the first Scout out of the box. Here you can see how they are packaged in the blind boxes. Only minor assembly required.

photo 16

You might notice the paint job on this particular Saturn is a tad messy.

photo 10

Sailor Pluto (Type B) also had a few minor paint issues, but nothing noticeable from the front. Of my entire collection Saturn and Pluto are the only one with any issues. Type A and B are very similar, with the only difference being soft or sharp eyebrows.

photo 11

Sailor Neptune and Uranus, fittingly, came next. Both are Type B. Their Type A counterparts have eyes open.

photo 13

My anticipation grew. I peered into the next box and saw pink hair. Sailor Chibi Moon.. AND LUNA P! I’m so lucky! I’ve gotten all the random inserts so far. Here she is with Sailor Moon, my last box. Cute! Look at that pose.

photo 8

All together!

photo 9

There’s still more sets to come…My poor wallet.

PS: Sailor Moon Crystal begins on July 5th, 2014. SATURDAY. IN TWO DAYS! I’ll be staying up for the ridiculous 3:00am PST air time each week. I hope. I do like my sleep. It might be a Sunday morning thing for me…we’ll see.




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