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Can't Talk | August 5, 2020

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May 2014 Loot Crate Unboxing: Adventure!

May 2014 Loot Crate Unboxing: Adventure!
  • On May 28, 2014


I’ve been really impressed with the cultivation of most of the Loot Crate boxes I’ve gotten. The themes have been pretty cohesive and sometimes, as with the Attack on Titanfall Crate, very clever.

This month that wasn’t really the case. I got the impression the Loot Crate guys ran out of ideas this month and just shoved whatever they could find in my box. (So to speak.) The theme wasn’t obvious until I got to the pin, and since there wasn’t a booklet in my crate this month I couldn’t just look it up.

The first thing out of the box was this Adventure Time mystery figurine.

2014-05-23 17.05.06

It comes in this adorable BMO tin:

2014-05-23 17.01.12

…so it’s really like two toys in one.  My Adventure Time loving son ran off with this as soon as it was out of the box and broke it about three seconds later. This is a toy for looking at, not playing with. Those are the worst toys.

The second thing out of the box was this month’s shirt, and it’s super cute.

2014-05-23 17.03.09I’m digging this shirt enough that I’m going to finish A Link Between Worlds just so I can justify wearing it.

Another mystery toy, this time from MineCraft:

2014-05-23 17.00.482014-05-23 17.06.32

This has a clip on it but it’s not hardy enough to be a key chain. This is another one that disappeared into my son’s room as soon as it left the box.

There were three pages of rather uninspiring stickers:

The soundtrack to a show I’ve never heard of but that, judging by the name, is probably pretty heinous:

2014-05-23 17.02.18


This month’s pin:2014-05-23 17.01.01



And my absolute favorite part of this month’s crate, a Legend of Zelda bottle opener keychain, perfect for all of my public intoxication needs. 2014-05-23 17.01.47

The bottle opener and the t-shirt were by far my favorite things out of this box. Everything else left me pretty unimpressed, but my son loved the things that I didn’t, so this box was a hit in my house.

If you’d like to receive a random box of stuff you don’t need every month, you can check out Loot Crate at

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  1. Cody

    The Friend Zone is a Polaris network stream where a bunch of youtubers play a bunch of party and co-op games. Name is actually intended to be tongue in cheek, and the show is announced as “the place where we are friends and we are in the zone.” You’ll find that’s a recently released album of the chip tunes they use on the stream, which in matter of fact? Pretty damn catchy.

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