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Can't Talk | July 6, 2020

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Can’t Talk Gets Busy: Weekly Roundup 4/28-5/3/2014

Can’t Talk Gets Busy: Weekly Roundup 4/28-5/3/2014
Can't Talk Staff

A comprehensive list of all the shit the Can’t Talk team did this week

Podcast Monday, April 28th:

 Episode 41: Cohesive Hole Person Has it Hard

This week on the Can’t Talk Podcast we’re inspired by the new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer. We discuss our best and worst Dragon Age moments, romances and heartbreaks, and the surprises we’re still finding along the way. 

Tuesday, April 29th:

Let’s Play The Secret World

Amelia kills things. Bell runs away and laughs. Bell is not a good partner. 

Wednesday, April 30th:

Bell fills you in on April’s Loot Crate.

Friday, May 2nd:

I Want More Women in Movies: Summer Sci Fi Edition

Amelia wants more women in movies, especially in Science Fiction movies. But really all movies. Okay good talk.

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