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Can't Talk | September 25, 2020

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Can’t Talk Gets Busy: Weekly Round Up 5/25-5/31/2014

Can’t Talk Gets Busy: Weekly Round Up 5/25-5/31/2014
Can't Talk Staff

A comprehensive list of all the shit the Can’t Talk team did this week:

Podcast Monday, May 26th:

Episode 44: Nipples!

We’re talking cosplay this week with our friend Tara! She tells us about her experiences with creepers and sexy cosplay, challenges Bell to a pattern-cutting competition, and somehow tricks Amelia into playing Japanese dating sims.

The Pancake Sex Book Club (Melissa, Amelia, Ness–one of our guests, and Izzy from BlankShowCast) also met and discussed Stolen, by Kelley Armstrong:

Tuesday, May 27th:

Let’s Play The Secret World

Wednesday, May 28th:

Bell reviews May’s “Adventure” themed Loot Crate.

Thursday, May 29th:

Melissa commands you to enjoy the things she enjoys.

Friday, May 30th:

Amelia loved X-Men: Days of Future Past, and not just because of Wolverine’s abs.

If you want more Can’t Talk, you can find us all over the intertubes:

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Amelia’s Website (re: writing stuff and published fiction)

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