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Can't Talk | October 26, 2020

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Can’t Talk Gets Busy: Weekly Round Up 3/9-3/15/14

Can't Talk Staff

A comprehensive list of all the shit the Can’t Talk team did this week.

Sunday, March 9th:

Let’s Play The Secret World

Episode 8

Bell is sick, Amelia is still dorking out pretty hard on Stephen King, and we have gotten somewhat better at killing things. Now with credits and an intro screen! We’re professionals!

Podcast Monday, March 10th:

Episode 34: Does She Have Drainage

This week on the podcast we discuss exercise, and how to get into it if you’ve never done it before. And probably butts or something.

Tuesday, March 11th:

Killers: This is not a good movie

Bell really hates this movie. A lot.

Friday, March 14th:

Mental Health Beyond 101: About Therapists

Amelia tries to debunk some of the common reasons not to see a therapist, and also portray therapists as people not scary judgment monsters.


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