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Can't Talk | August 5, 2020

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Can’t Talk Gets Busy: Weekly Round Up

Can't Talk Staff

A comprehensive list of all the shit the Can’t Talk team did this week.

Sunday, February 16th

Let’s Play The Secret World episode 2:

Episode 3

Episode 4

Amelia and Bell kill some zombies, talk with Nicholas Cage’s weird brothers, marvel at a teenager’s forward combing skills, and explore secret tunnels. There are booties. There are naked zombies. There are a LOT of Stephen King references.

Podcast Monday, February 17th

Episode 31: MOAR DISNEY

We share our Disney secrets with you, and also talk inappropriately about Mr. Clean.

Wednesday, February 19th

Cosplay: The Steamdress from Alice: Madness Returns

Bell talks about her first experience with cosplay and how madness returned to her several times. But yet, she still loves cosplay!

Friday, February 21st

Winter’s Tale: A Review and Rant

Amelia did not like Winter’s Tale and thinks they should stop making movies out of complex novels.

We also learned that our podcast is  now available on Stitcher Radio, so check us out if you like that app.

If you want more Can’t Talk, you can find us all over the intertubes:

On YouTube for Let’s Play and other fun things

On Twitter @canttalkpodcast

On Facebook (please, won’t  you like us?)

Can’t Talk, Tumblr

Zazzle Store (seriously, the buttdotbutt mugs are pretty cool)

Can’t Talk at Stitcher Radio

Amelia’s Website (re: writing stuff and published fiction)

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